FAKE NEWS INCOMING: BuzzFeed Hiring “Islamophobia” Reporter


By Gideon Stephen, Senior Editor at The Caleb Report

Get ready for more fake news! BuzzFeed (fake news) is looking to hire a new reporter dedicated to covering Muslim life and “Islamophobia” in America.

The ultra-liberal, anti-Christian, anti-Conservative, racist and pro Islamic terrorism fake news site, BuzzFeed, seriously thinks Islamophobia is a legitimate beat that needs covering. In reality, most “islamophobic” “hate crimes” reported by the lamestream media are later exposed as fake news – hoaxes actually committed by Muslims on themselves.

Here is a screenshot of the job listing:



Well, at least they’re creating jobs…

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Gideon Stephen
Gideon Stephen is a freelance writer and journalist and a Senior Editor at The Caleb Report. Visit his website www.gideonstephen.com and follow him on Twitter @GideonSOfficial

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