NEW RELEASE! “Chaos” Now LIVE on YouTube


Hey everyone!

Track number 1 on my first album is now live on Youtube: “Chaos” is made totally from taikos, cymbals and tam tam. One Youtube comment describes it perfectly: “It feels like you’re running (action scenes intensifies) away from chaos, nice track!”
I’m also officially announcing my album now too. The album name is “Doomsday”, and I’m expecting to release it by Summer 2017. When I have officially released my album, you’ll be able to purchase it on my iTunes page (…/arti…/gideon-stephen/id1147713678) and stream it on Spotify. I’ll also be releasing each track on Youtube and Soundcloud over the next few weeks and months, so stay tuned and make sure you follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my Youtube, follow me on Soundcloud, follow me on Spotify and also make sure you like this page so that you get all my updates.
If you like the song, make sure you head over and leave a comment on Youtube and don’t forget to share it with you friends. 🙂

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Gideon Stephen
Gideon Stephen is a freelance writer and journalist and a Senior Editor at The Caleb Report. Visit his website and follow him on Twitter @GideonSOfficial

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