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So, I haven’t announced this yet, but word has already leaked out somehow. I have created a Patreon page in case anyone wants to support me. There are various rewards available for different levels of support. Most of them are absolutely ridiculous, so there is an option to not receive a ridiculous reward when you go to pledge. I have 2 goals set at the moment, and I explain exactly where you money will go. This is VERY IMPORTANT though – Do NOT become a patron if you’re low on money, and please do NOT feel like you have to. I don’t really care if nobody donates, I will carry on making music because I enjoy doing it. But IF you feel like you WANT to donate, then by all means, you can.

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Gideon Stephen
Gideon Stephen is a freelance writer and journalist and a Senior Editor at The Caleb Report. Visit his website and follow him on Twitter @GideonSOfficial

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